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2023 Customer Success Tech Report

The report is curated from the responses provided by Customer Success Managers (CSMs) across industry and regions


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About the Report

Surveys along with 1-1 discussions with Customer Success Leaders from across industry and geo. 

Vincent Manlapaz  

  • Top Challenges of CS Tools
  • No Code Automation in Customer Success
  • Signals that matter for CSM 


How AppEQ can help your 

Customer Success and Account Management teams in

driving revenue retention 

With AppEQ, Customer Success Manager can gain real-time customer information with just one click and Drive Retention Revenue

  • Faster access to customer insights, lesser back and forth between teams, and applications
  • Seamless integration with your existing SaaS applications - No code required
  • Get work done in the flow of work. AppEQ overlay on top of your SaaS applications. Easily accessible with one click

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